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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Book Review:You Know You're A Dad by Harry H. Harrison Jr #ad #bookreview

"I received this book for FREE from booklookbloggers in exchange for review. All opinions expressed here are my own."

This is a book for men who never thought they would be fathers. These father's end up realizing a couple of things that make them know they're a dad now. This book includes several fun chapters like thinking differently than men without kids. Men with kids can no longer think about themselves because they are responsible for another person's life. You can also know you're a dad when you think differently than the moms. Moms are the nurturers and some dads might be more stern than mom.

This is a easy book to read and you can carry it around with you. Dads will enjoy this book because they will learn something new. They will also get a few laughs and see if they've changed since becoming a parent. I would recommend this book cause it's something for all the dads to enjoy. It would also make a prefect Father's Day gift. Dads all around the world will be able to relate to this book and share their experiences as fathers.
Give this book a read and enjoy.

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