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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Review:The Purpose Driven Life Devotional for kids by Rick Warren #bookreviews #ad

"I received this book for free in exchange for a review. 
All opinions expressed here are my own."

This book was written by Rick Warren and includes 365
devotions for kids. Kids can find six different purposes
in this book. These different purposes can help them grow
closer with god. One of my favorite purposes is "Serving God,
Serving Others" because by serving others we are also serving
god. Jesus was all about giving back to others because in order
to serve him we must also serve others around us.

I liked how this book also includes a bookmarker so you can keep
track of your place in this book.I also liked that this book includes
sections that have a prayer after each devotional.These prayers can
help bring kids closer to god. They can also learn a lot about themselves
by studying different subjects in the bible.I would definitely recommend
this book to others because there are a lot of kids who don't have a
relationship with god. Today, kids are too into television and have no
clue about their purpose in life. This book can definitely give kids
a new look on life and how god plays a part in it.

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