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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Review:Hair Symphony Detangling and Soft Hair Brushes with CosmeticsBag #DetanglingBrush #ad

Styling brush designed for professional salons
Styling brush can be used on wet or dry hair
nylon pins glide through natural flow of hair
Detangler helps safely remove knots and tangles
flexible and carefully aligned pins for usage on any hair type
Detangler rearranges split ends and removes dead hair
Great for kids, women and men
Cosmetics Bag included

A detangler is essential if you have natural hair. If you have natural hair that's curly you know the struggle of getting knots. You need a good detangler brush to help get these knots out of your hair. Hair Symphony has a combo set that includes detangling and soft hair brushes. The detangler brush helps you safely remove knots and tangles. This brush also has flexible pins so you can use it on any hair type. This detangler brush also rearranges split ends and removes dead hair,  Removing dead hair is definitely important if you want to keep it moisturized. The detangler brush can be used on kids, women, and men hair so it's great for the whole the family. This set also includes a styling brush that is designed for professional salons.  The styling brush can also be used on wet or dry hair. A cosmetics bag is also included when you purchase this combo set. You can use this combo set to keep track of your brushes or for other things.

I have natural hair so the detangler brush got the most usage for me. I don't really use styling brushes but I thought it was a nice brush. My grandma would definitely love using on her wigs. I thought the the detangler brush did a nice job of getting all the knots and tangles out of my hair. I also like how good it does removing dead hair. I think that removing a lot of dead hair helped my hair feel more moisturized.  I thought that my hair was more softer after detangling my hair. I don't know with all the dead hair removed if that played apart. I really left a difference in my hair when I went to moisturize it. I would recommend this combo set to others because the detangler does an amazing job of detangling your hair. I think it also does a great job of removing dead hairs. You will definitely feel a difference after using this combo set.

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