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Friday, December 5, 2014

Review:The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast by Kristen Feola #bookreviews

Received this book for FREE from booklookbloggers in exchange for a review

This book is about the Daniel fast. This book starts off by giving you a pep talk to get you ready to start this 21 day fast. The book talks about the different types of fast, and which ones are the most beneficial. The Daniel fast is a partial fast that includes no diary, meat or certain beverages. This fast focuses on using God to get to through the 21 days. The connection you are able to create with God during this fast helps your evolve spiritually. This book also features some amazing Scriptures that you can use as a reference to complete your fast. You also learn how to create a fasting plan that will help keep your focused. The Daniel fast also made great emphasis on making sure you drink lots of water. You should drink half you weight in ounces in water daily. This may sound hard but this book gives you example on how you can do it by keeping a water bottle close to you.During the Daniel fast you will eat lots of vegetables and fruits. 

I liked that this book had a lot of recipes to help plan out your meals for each week. If you are someone on a low carb diet it might be hard to complete this fast. This fast features beans, bread, and rice which are some of things you can't really have if your trying to avoids carbs. You can focus more on having lots of fruits and vegetables during this fast and a little of the carbs. I would recommend the Daniel fast because it can help bring you closer to god. You will also get a jump start on avoiding the bad foods that you don't need in your diet. 

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