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Monday, March 3, 2014

Review:The Rhyme Bible:Storybook For Toddlers By L. J. Sattgast

I received this book for FREE in exchange for a book review through Book Look Bloggers. All opinions expressed here are in fact my own.

This book was definitely a great way to introduce my nephews to the word of god. This book gets straight to the point. This book had 10 great stories that told about when the earth was created. Kids are able to learn about stories that include Noah's Ark. This book also give you the chapters of the stories so you can go back read more in detail. This book also gave an amazing story on how Jesus gave back to those who were poor. This story will definitely inspire others to give back to those in need. Your kids will definitely finish this book and walked away learning something valuable.

I would recommend parents to by this book for their toddlers or any age child because it get right to the points. Kids will have learned some of the best stories that are in the bible. I also think this bible is easy for kids to read so they will enjoy. Kids will also be drawn to this bible because it has lots of colorful pictures. Kids will also learn how to pray with the "Daniel Prays."  I would also recommend this book to others because kids need more interesting books to introduce them to the bible. I think this book works because not too many kids are going to Sunday School like when their parents were younger. So definitely check out "The Rhyme Bible: Storybook For Toddlers" if your looking for something new to introduce your kids to the bible.

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