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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review of Robert Griffin III:Athlete, Leader, Believer by Ted Kluck

I received this book for free in exchange for a book review from Thomas Nelson.

Robert Griffin III:Athlete, Leader, Believer is about current NFL
quarterback Robert Griffin III. This book discusses his journey to
where he is at today in his football career. This book talked about how
his father started training him at an early age to be a great leader.
This book also discussed how Robert Griffin III used his faith to make
money before he stepped foot in the NFL.This book also lets you know
about other quarterbacks and how they match up with RGIII.

I like how RGIII's family really built him into an amazing football
player. I also liked how RGIII's family taught him that he has to
remain humble. I think RGIII was able to be a great leader on the
field because he is humble. RGIII's teammates also trust him because
he goes on the field and gjves his all. RGIII was able to be
successful his rookie season in the NFL because he was eager to learn
the game and take criticism.

I would recommend Robert Griffin III:Athlete, Leader, Believer to
others because it can help other athletes learn how to market
themselves. I would also recommend this book to others because this
book details how RGIII's family played a role in him being a great
athlete. This book also taught me how having faith can move you
through anything. Robert Griffin III has been able to see success
because he always had faith.

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