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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Purchased from 4u2Coupon:Totino's Pizza Roll, Activia and V8 Smoothie Coupons

I made another purchase from 4u2coupon today. This is very benefical for me since the 1/15 SS didn't have that many coupons in  it for me. Also, is located in my state of Illinois so it won't take that long for me to receive my order. Find coupon clipping services in your area to avoid high shipping and handling costs. I paid $1 for shipping and if you purchase with them that's what you will pay as well.

Update:If you sign up as an affiliate you get 20% off your orders

Visit today and order your V8 Smoothie coupons you can find these on sale for $1.88 at Fairplay Foods. You can also take the ad to Walmart and price match.

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