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Saturday, January 28, 2012

ATTENTION:Your online behavior can affect your offline success

I recently read about a high school cornerback who was expelled from school for posting some offensive tweets on twitter. I know what you all are thinking how can your behavior on twitter affect you when you're not online. We all have a social responsibility to conduct ourselves in a way that won't make the organizations we represent look bad. What you decide to post on twitter can definitely come back to haunt you if you are a student-athlete. Not only are you representing your school but you are also representing your family.

Yuri Wright actions on twitter caused him a scholarship from his dream school University of Michigan. His actions have also caused others to back out of offering him scholarships. Even though, Michigan backed out other schools have stepped up to offer him scholarships. So things may have looked bad at first but Yuri Wright still have a chance to go to college and play football. I'm sure Yuri Wright will be rethinking what he decides to post on twitter from now on.

I personally don't think his dream school should have backed out because we all make mistakes. In these days, schools wants to protect their image so Yuri Wright was not what Michigan represented anymore. I think Michigan should reconsider because what someone posts on twitter doesn't necessarily make them a bad person. You can't really get a feel for a person until you meet with them face-to-face.

So, I want you all to teach your kids to be more careful on social networks. You never know who is reading your page, so what we think is freedom of speech is really not. If its something your family wouldn't approve of don't post it on social networks. Also, we need to start thinking about other people's feelings. The things you post can be very hurtful because we all are human, so be more sensitive to others.

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