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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Super Kmart and Dollar General Shopping:Sept 30, 2011-Salad $0.05 cents

 I didn't have that many coupons I wanted to use on 9/30 because I've been using them beforehand. I wanted to purchase some salad that was on sale for $1 making it FREE with my $1 off coupon. I also wanted to use my Nivea Bodywash coupons since the 8.4FL is $2.50 at Dollar General. I could of gotten it FREE at Target but I couldn't find it. Also, pissed that none of the Targets near me have Relvon beauty tools even though online they claim to have them.

Super Kmart
 Dollar General

The Cashier at Dollar General was actually happy to see someone using coupons which makes me hopeful about shopping there in the future. I like people who act like they want your business, and don't turn their nose up cause your saving money.

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