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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chicken Nachos [MY WAY]

I like things special and when you need something simple and quick.
I like to use the chicken in the can, and I think the thigh is the best part of the chicken to make Chicken Nachos or Tacos.
I use a can of chicken or make your own chicken
I use lots of onion powder[Kroger brand is the best]
I also use my homemade taco seasoning. I made it a few months back it's still good.
I also use minced onion I hate fresh onions. Sometimes I add green peppers or tomatoes.
I use corn tortillas if I'm making tacos or tortilla chips
I use butter to get my taco shells hard.
Add filling chicken, shredded cheese, Frank's Red Hot
If making the Nachos you can use cheese sauce if available
Zap it in the microwave then add Breakstone's Roast Garlic and Herb sour cream
That stuff is great it's been on clearance lately for $1.74 at Jewel-Osco. Too bad there isn't a coupon for it.
Most of the time when I make chicken tacos I use the can it's pretty convenient for me.

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