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Monday, September 26, 2011

CVS Shopping Trip:Sept 25, 2011

Went to CVS, I purchased two of the Colgate Optic White and the receipt to stuck, so my two ECB didn't print only the one for the Pantene. This supervisor was trying to tell me it's cause I used coupons. I'm like I used FREE PRODUT COUPONS for the Pantene, and the ECB buck printed. My ECBs didn't print because the receipt got stuck. 

This is how my receipt looked all torn up cause he stopped the printing, and last time I checked your receipts ECB have dotted lines. Also when you stop printing the receipts doesn't print all the way. She tried to give me a hard time claiming I had already purchased the Colgate which I didn't. I also have my last receipt dated 9/20 which shows I didn't purchase Colgate. You can use coupons and still get your ECBs. She didn't even know what she was talking about, and it doesn't matter what coupons I used. I still purchased the toothpaste. They be so catch up in how much your saving. She said "you're the only always having problems with coupons" I'm not going to purchase something, and walk out the door without my ECBs. So I'll continue to say something because She's the one acting like you didn't purchase it when your receipt shows you did. I hate when people are lazy. Just give me my ECB so I can go.

I found the Ice Mountain Sparkling Water at CVS, and I'm going to get some more. Couldn't find my other B1G1 coupon. I got the Pantene for FREE plus $1 ECB back, and made $0.51 ECB for the Colgate. I choose to shop at CVS for a reason, and I understand that sometimes that ECB might not print. Please don't try to give me a hard time for something you clearly see I purchased.

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