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Monday, December 11, 2017

Book Review: Take the lid off by Smokie Norful #ad

"I received this book for free in exchange for a review from booklook bloggers. All opinions expressed here are my own."

This book is about taking the lid off in your life. This means that you aren't keeping your life limited. Allowing yourself to reach your fullest potential. You can learn to do that by not just helping yourself but also helping others. By helping others you're allowing the doors to open for so many things in life. In this book you will find out about reaching in work to learn what is God's purpose for you. Outward involves you reaching others and helping them find the purpose God has set in place for them. You also have to make sure you're not focusing on the hour when being yourself while the n-word is broken. All aspects of your relationship with God should be taken care of.

I would recommend  "Take your lid off" to others because this book really encourages people to build a better relationship with God. Building a better relationship with God allows you to grow so much as a person. When you're not limited in things you can do in life you find that you feel so much more fulfilled. This book is for anyone who needs a pep talk about finding their purpose. You need definitely get the tools you need to live with purpose. Check this book out today.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Book Review:Run with me by Sanya Richards Ross

"I received this book for free from booklookbloggers in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

This book the story of U.S. Olympic Champion Sanya Richards-Ross and her journey as a track and field star. Readers learn about Sanya's humble beginnings in Kingston, Jamaica. We learn how at an early age she was able to embrace the tradition that is so in her birth country. Sanya tells readers about the decision she made to run for the U.S. for a better opportunity in life.

I would recommend this book to others because it can inspire someone who wants to get into a dream. This book can inspire people who are immigrants to become U.S.
citizens to better their lives. People can learn a lot about themselves by reading this journey from Sanya. Sanya also talks about her faith with god and how she really didnt get into until she moved to Florida.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Book Review: Don't Settle for Safe by Sarah Jakes Roberts

"I received this book for FREE from booklookbloggers in exchange for review. All opinions expressed here are my own."

This book is about learning to embrace things in life that made you uncomfortable. You have to learn how to not let your past dictate your future. Today we have to learn that some of the things we've went through in the past is what gives us experience. This experience allows us to push forward in life. This book lets readers know that it's okay to change and find out what you're good at. Don't settle for safe teaches you just that when you read it. Don't settle for anything because you're afraid things that are shielding you.

I would Recommend don't settle for  safe to others because this book is very relatable. Readers will find out that they are just like Sarah Jakes Roberts. Just like you she's went through things that she was once a shame. She learn to overcome these things and you will too. I recommend this book because it will teach you so much and give you so much strength in life to keep pushing.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Book Review:You Know You're A Dad by Harry H. Harrison Jr #ad #bookreview

"I received this book for FREE from booklookbloggers in exchange for review. All opinions expressed here are my own."

This is a book for men who never thought they would be fathers. These father's end up realizing a couple of things that make them know they're a dad now. This book includes several fun chapters like thinking differently than men without kids. Men with kids can no longer think about themselves because they are responsible for another person's life. You can also know you're a dad when you think differently than the moms. Moms are the nurturers and some dads might be more stern than mom.

This is a easy book to read and you can carry it around with you. Dads will enjoy this book because they will learn something new. They will also get a few laughs and see if they've changed since becoming a parent. I would recommend this book cause it's something for all the dads to enjoy. It would also make a prefect Father's Day gift. Dads all around the world will be able to relate to this book and share their experiences as fathers.
Give this book a read and enjoy.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Book Review:Glimmer Girls Light Up New York by Natalie Grant #bookreview #ad

"I received this book for FREE from booklookbloggers in exchange for review. All opinions expressed here are my own."

This book is about the glimmer family's trip to New York City. On this trip the mother is supposed to participate in a concert. The glimmer girls later learn that will has be performing in this benefit concert. This family spends lots of time in NYC doing some sight seeing and getting to know the city.
The glimmer girls learn to include each other and look after one another.

This book teaches young girls about how much they need their siblings. Young girls can learn about how important family is. These young girls learn about giving back to others at an early age.  I would definitely recommend this book to others because it's an easy read. I thought the chapters were very short which made it fast to read.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Monday, February 13, 2017

Book Review:Courage to Soar Simone Biles #bookreview #ad

"I received this book for FREE from booklookbloggers in exchange for review. 
All opinions expressed here are my own."

This book is about Olympic Gold Medalist Simone Biles. This book details her journey in foster care. You also get to learn about how having a strong family help keep her out of foster care after she was adopted. Simone Biles many defeats in gymnastics helped her get to where she is at today. She believed in something and really wanted to achieve it. This book teaches you that no matter where you come from you are capable of accomplishing anything life.

I would definitely recommend this book to others because so many have been in her situation. It's kids today stuck in foster homes and don't know if they'll ever have a family of their own. This book gives you hope that other kids can find someone to adopt them and live a normal life. Maybe they'll end up being successful like Simone Biles. Her early life is what I was most drawn to because I can kind of relate to it. I think it's amazing how she worked hard to be a successful gymnast. Definitely purchase this book and learn more about Simone Biles life and her journey to Olympic gold.

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