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Monday, November 30, 2015

How to remove saved card from Aliexpress?[Solved here]

I know so many of you have made the mistake of saving your card info on aliexpress. Only to find out you have to sign up for something to get the coupon they offered you. You later discover that you
have to go on this crazy search just to find out how to remove the card. I've found the answer that I had to search around for. Really didn't understand why this was so hidden when regardless if its saved or not they still have your info.

First log in to alipay here

Then go back here

follow the instructions on how to remove your card

Remove your card and your done.

Something so simple shouldn't take a bunch of time for customers to find the answer.

If this helped please share it.

And don't ever save your card again if you have to go on a goose hunt just to remove it.

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