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Monday, May 18, 2015

Book Review:Redo Your Room 50 Bedroom DIYs You Can Do in a Weekend #faithgirlz #ad #bookreview

This is a book that includes ideas on how to redecorate your bedroom. It targets young teenage girls but anyone can use them. There are 50 different ideas that you can use and they can all be done in a weekend. You will find help on what colors you should select for your decorating idea. This book is pretty simple and the projects are easy to complete. I also liked the tips on what you need to do before you start a DIY project. I also liked that you don't have to be a teenager to use this idea. Anyone who wants to great creative and change things up in their room can use them. Someone like myself who is older and look for ways to get organized can use this book. This is a chapter on projects that can help you get organized. Over the years I've collected so much junk and don't know who to get it out the way. I saw some ideas I plan to use because I really need to free up some space. One thing I learned from this book was about the keep, toss, donate process. This process helps you get rid of clutter, and this is a tip I will start using. This chapter just teaches you to learn how to let go of this that aren't meaningful and things you aren't using. 

I would recommend this book to others because you can pull ideas from it no matter your age. I also think you can learn some a valuable less about change. Redecorating your space can definitely teach you a lot of things. So don't be afraid of change and letting go of things you don't need.

I received this book for free through booklookbloggers in exchange for a review.
All opinions expressed here are my own.

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