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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Review:Atrico Rapid-Charging 6-Port Desktop USB Charger #AtricoDesktop #technology #ad

Eliminates mess and clutter\
Charging needs in one location
Current smart charging technology
Puts our 40 watts and 8 amps total
Active charging light

Having a good charger is a must of you have a lot of devices in your house. I have a lot of devices in my house so I need something that can charger more than one device. I've learned over the years that USB chargers usually charge the fastest. Atrico desktop charger helps eliminate mess and clutter that a lot of cables my bring. This charger is stays put in one location for you to charge up to 6 devices. The smart charging technology is what allows this to happen. There is 40 watts and 8 amps for you to charge your devices. There is also a active charging light to let you know that your charger if actually working. 

This charger definitely came in handy for me because I was able to charger more than one device.
I think this desktop charger is great because it charges your devices pretty quick. I also liked that there is a vent to help air flow out the charger. This is great because it helps prevent the charger from getting too hard and starting a fire. I also like that there is a blue light that lets me know the charger is on and working. This lets me know that my charger is working right or if its not on. I would definitely recommend Atrico Desktop USB charger to others because it can preserve the life of your mirco usb cable. You won't damage the micro usb cable like you would when using a computer. Check it out on amazon. 

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