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Monday, April 6, 2015

Review: Instanatural Scar Gel #scargel #instanatural #beauty #skincare #ad

Diminishes the appearance of scars
Epidermal growth factor helps stimulate the healing process
Gota Kola helps restore healthy skin
Green Tea, Sea Kelp, Fucoxanthin, Astaxanthin fortify the skin with antioxidants to minimize external damage'

Getting a scar get be nerve wrecking because you don't know how its going to heal. Depending on the way you decide to treat the scar will determine how it goes away. Instanatural has a scar gel that helps you diminish the appearance of scars. This product includes epidermal growth factor which is a protein that helps stimulate the healing process. There is also gota kola that restores healthy skin. InstaNatural scar gel also includes ingredients like green tea, sea kelp, and astaxanthin which help fortify the skin with antioxidants to minimize external damage.

I've had a couple of scars I've wanted to get rid of some I was glad to try this product.I liked that this product absorbed easily. I also that that this product did not irritate my skin. This product also didn't make my skin feel dry after using it. 

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