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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

PowerJive 3 Pack Micro USB Cable #MicroUSBCablePowerJive #technology #ad

3ft micro usb cord
high speed and sync
USB 2.0 speeds up to 480 mbps
Compatible micro usb devices
Samsung phones, tablets, and window phones 

Depending on what type of devices you use at home you might use a micro usb cable. A lot of Android phones and tablets use these cables to charge. If you didn't know window phones also use these micro usb cables. PowerJive 3 pack micro usb cables come in 3ft, and you can also find two other sizes in the 5 pack. These cables use high speed and sync. The USB 2.0 speeds are up to 480 mbps. These cables are compatible with a lot of micro usb devices like Samsung phones and tablets.

In my household micro usb cables are used for a number of devices. Some people in my household have Samsung phones that require these type of micro usb cable. We also have some android tablets that are used by the kids in my household. I think its always best to  have more than one of these cables in your house. These cables can go out at any time so buying in bundles will prevent you from not having a cable. I would use my computer to charge my devices at home but my cables would go bad quick. Now I use a USB port because it preserves the life of the cables. These cables worked great with my USB port. I liked that they were just the right length so you won't pull them the wrong way. I would definitely recommend these micro usb cables because its best to buy them in bundles. 

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