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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Review:Naturalico Jump Rope w/Carrying Case #jumpropecrossfit #ad

4 grade metal ball bearings
faster turning of rope
Rope turns at 90 degree angles
Ultra speed cable jump rope
50-100 jump ropes for fat blasting
Light rope great for beginners
10ft adjustable cable 
Cut with wire cutter
carrying case 

Looking for new ways to get in shape then try a jump rope. You can burn fat by doing 50 to 100 jump ropes. This is believe to be the most effective way to blast fat. This jump rope from Naturalico is made of 4 grade metal ball bearings. These metal ball bearings allow you to turn the rope faster. You can also turn this jump rope at 90 degree angles. Being able to turn the jump rope at 90 degree angles prevents the jump rope from getting tangled. If you're just a beginner to using a jump rope to lose weight than this jump rope will be great. This jump rope has a 10 feet cable that you can adjust. Since its made of wire you would need something a like wire cutter to do so. This jump rope also comes with a Naturalico carrying case for you to carry your jump rope around.

I like trying new things that can help you lose weight and using a jump rope is one of them. I liked that you can adjust this jump rope to your height. I also liked that when you use this jump rope it doesn't get tangled up. I like that you can do a number of fat blasting routines with this jump rope to get the most out of it. This jump rope is light weight which makes it easy to put away. I love the carrying case that comes with it so I can keep up with the jump rope. I think it's great that this jump rope is made with some great quality materials. This will definitely allow the jump rope for quite some time. I would recommend this jump rope to others because it priced reasonably. I also think it would be great from some who's a great to working out with a jump rope. 

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