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Friday, March 6, 2015

Review:Francois et Mimi Stacking Mug Set with Rack #stackingmugset #ad

space saving design
lead free
bright and colorful
microwave and dishwasher safe
made of stoneware ceramic

I know a lot of college students could use a product like this. Some college living spaces are small so having a stacking mug set with a rack would be great. This mug set has a great space saving design that will come in handy. These mugs are also safe to use because they are lead free. You can use them for other things because they are safe for your kids to use as well. You will enjoy these bright and colorful mugs that anyone who stops by will notice and love. It's also safe for you to use these mugs in your microwave. This means you can complete a number of mug recipes with these mugs. The mugs are real big and will make great molten cakes. You can also safely clean these mugs in your dishwasher. These mugs are made out of stoneware ceramic. You will definitely love this mug set because its a great design.

I really liked this mug set because it something different. I could definitely benefit from saving space, and this product helps with that. I liked that these mugs were really large, and I could use them for a number of things. I could use them to drink out of or I could use them to bake something in the microwave. The colors of these mugs are also great because they can brighten up where you decide to put the rack. I also like that these mugs are also lead free so these are okay for my nephews to use safely. I would definitely recommend this mug set w/rack to others because it's a stylish design. It also has large colorful mugs that you will find a lot of usage for. Get this mug set with rack now on Amazon.

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