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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Review:Set of 12 Infuser Tumblers, 20oz #InfuserTumbler #ad


Pack of 12 Infuser tumblers, 20 oz
Double wall insulation
BPA-Free Acrylic
6 different colors

Today many are looking for ways to consume water. Some don't like that water doesn't has a taste to it so they add things to it. An infuser tumbler is a great cup to have if you want to add fruit to your water. This tumbler has a nest that you put the fruit or vegetables you want to infuser into your water.  You don't have to just infuse water you can infuse any type of beverage you want. You can make a number of different infused water combinations. These infuser tumbler also have double wall insulation so it will help keep your beverages cooler longer. This set of infuser tumblers are also bpa free acrylic. There are also 6 different colors so you get 2 of each color. You can also wash these tumblers in the dishwasher. 

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I've heard so much of infusers so I was definitely excited about trying these tumblers. I like these tumblers because they come in six different colors. I also like that these tumblers have straws because that's what I prefer to use when drinking anything. I liked that I could make a combination of things and infuse it into my water. I used limes and I really liked my lime infused water. It really makes me want to drink more water because I like seeing how the water tastes after its infused. I also liked that it has like cup that's detachable and it prevents too much pulp or seeds from getting in your water. Besides water you can infuse anything you want like juice or tea. I would definitely recommend this infuser tumblers because they make drying water fun. 

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