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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Review:The Daniel Cure By Susan Gregory and Richard J. Bloomer #bookreviews

Received this book complimentary from booklookbloggers in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed here are my own. 

This book is about the Daniel fast which consists of a 21 day fast. The Daniel cure involves focusing on pray and eating a healthy diet. This book includes a number of devotional things that will help get you through the fast. This book also includes a lot of informational stuff that really tells you about The Daniel fast. This book has tips that will really change your life. This book give you information on how the Daniel cure can protect your body from certain disease. The authors of this book wrote this book very well. Compared to other books about the Daniel cure you will find this book to have the most useful information. This book also features over 75 recipes to help you get through this 21 day fast. You will learn how to prepare meals for this fast before you even start it.

I really like this book because of all the information it gives. I think that it really explained a lot of stuff in detailed. It really lets you know how the Daniel fast can change your life. You will definitely be able to lose weight with this book. There's no way you wouldn't be able to be successful on the Daniel fast if you follow this book. This book really makes very thing super easy for you to follow. I would definitely recommend this book because the recipes are great and easy to make You will also love all the shake recipes in this book. Purchase it on Amazon today. The kindle version is only $3.79 so pick it up today and get started. 

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