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Monday, January 26, 2015

Review:Sari Foods Nutritional Yeast Superfood #nutritionalyeast

100% Natural-Non-Fortified
50% Protein-20% fiber
18 amino acids-15 minerals 
2 TBS around 60 calories
Low sodium and salt substitute
Free of Gluten-Dairy
Fights aging and radicals:promotes cellular repair and regeneration
Helps increase B vitamin levels

Never really knew about nutritional yeast but it seemed interesting so I was down to try it. Nutritional Yeast has a number of benefits for your overall health. Sari Foods nutritional yeast is 100% natural and non-fortified. This nutritional yeast has 50% protein and 20% fiber per serving. So each 2 TBS of nutritional yeast has around 60 calories plus a large amount of protein and fiber. Nutritional yeast also has 18 amino acids plus 15 different minerals. This product is low sodium so you can also use it as a salt substitute. Sari foods nutritional yeast is free of gluten and dairy. It's also great for vegans and is non synthetic. Nutritional yeast promotes cellular repair and regeneration. Nutritional yeast also helps increase B vitamin levels. So if you're low in vitamin B add nutritional yeast to your diet.

Like I said before I thought it would be interesting to try nutritional yeast. Reading the packaging I learned that it has a lot great benefits. One of my favorite benefits of using nutritional yeast would be helping your B vitamin levels increase. This is great for times when I just feel drained and need more energy. I also liked that it helps fight aging because I'm definitely trying to start that early. This nutritional yeast has a nutty taste to me. It doesn't really taste like cheese but it definitely has the nutty taste. I like that I could sprinkle it on my food and not worry about actually tasting it. When you add nutritional yeast to your food it blends in really well. Nutritional yeast is also great because it has a great amount of fiber and protein. Those are two things I really need in my diet to keep my blood sugar low, so I like nutritional yeast. I would definitely recommend nutritional yeast to others because it low in calories, and has a lot of health benefits. 

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