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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Review:Epica Folding Step Stool #stepstool12

Adds 9' reach to vertical
9 x 11 platform with anti-slip surface
Folds flat for easy storage, unfolds with one hand
holds up to 350 pounds
Great for kids

If you're not that tall you know the struggles of not being able to reach something. If you have kids who are too short to reach the faucet you know the struggles. Epica folding step stool puts all of those struggles behind you. This step stool adds 9" vertical reach so you will be able to reach things you hand to get a big chair for.This step stool is great because it can be easily folded flat for you to store it away. It also unfolds with one hand so it saves you time when needed. Epica folding step stool also holds up to 350 pounds so anyone in your household can use it. Plus, kids will love it because of the cute design, and it easy for them to unfold.

I love this step stool because it easy to unfold. I like that I can store it in a tight space like between my refrigerator. I also like that it's easy for my nephew to unfold. He's only 4 and doesn't need to get a big chair to reach the faucet now. Love that people who are of larger size can also use this product because some may wonder if a step stool can hold their weight. This step stool can and it also has a anti-slip surface so you don't have to worry about slipping. I would definitely recommend this step stool to others because its reliable and priced at a great price. You can definitely get more than one for your household.

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