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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Review:Azure Naturals ULTIMATE LIME INFUSED ORGANIC RETINOL Moisturizer with 2.5% Retinol #AmazonCart

Retinol 2.5%
Lime infused scent
Vitamin A improves impigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles,
skin tone, skin texture, increases skin hydration levels
Start using in late 20s for optimal results
Made with natural and organic ingredients

Retinol is known as vitamin A all around the world. Retinol has saved so many women skin. This product includes 2.5% retinol, and most prescriptions are 10%. Ultimate retinol moisturizer is also has a lime infused scent. Vitamin A helps improve impigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. You can also use this product to improve skin tone, skin texture, and help increase hydration levels. It's best to start using retinol in your late 20s to get the best results from retinol. You should also know that this product is made of mainly natural and organic 

I love using retinol on my skin because I've seen some great results. I love this moisturizer because it left my skin feeling soft and smooth. I use it with my hyaluronic acid or vitamin c serum so that my skin what feel dry. It's best that you apply hyaluronic acid or vitamin c before using any retinol because it can be drying. I also recommend using this moisturizer with the ultimate retinol serum so you can have double the amount of retinol. The more retinol you can use the better your skin will start to look. I would definitely recommend this product to others because your skin will feel hydrated after using it. 

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