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Monday, August 11, 2014

Review:Third Thursday Community Potluck Coobook by Nancy Vienneau

Recipes and Stories to Celebrate the Bounty of the Moment:160 Seasonal Southern Recipes

I received this ebook for free from booklook bloggers in exchange for a review

This cookbook features a lot of unique recipes for each month.You will find a lot different southern recipes that have twist to them. Each month of recipes also feature a certain theme. like in April the theme is pasta party. You can use these recipes to help you host a party and have guests try dishes they've never tried before. These recipes will definitely bring you together with others to share new recipes.

I would definitely recommend this cookbook to others because it features a lot of unique recipes that I've never heard of before. I also think that a lot of the themes for each month are interesting, and will make amazing parties. I would also recommend this cookbook because I think people need to explore, and find new recipes that can share with others.

I really liked this cookbook because I love collecting different recipes. This cookbook has a lot of recipes I can use for different occasions at my house.I also liked how this cookbook encourages people to come together so they can enjoy each others company with a new recipe.

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