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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Review:Ozeri Epicurean Digital Kitchen Scale

  • Award winning contoured base
  • Shatter-resistant glass weighing platform
  • two instant response touch buttons
  • Precision Tare
  • Large high contrast LED LCD screen
  • weighs in g, oz, kg and lbs
  • uses 4 AAA batteries

Ozeri epicurean digital kitchen scale has a cool design that is award winning. This scale also features shatter-resistant glass weighing platform. You don't have to worry about the glass breaking any time soon. This scale also has TARE which also you to use a bowl or plate and recalculate the ingredients without including the bowl or plate. You will find  reading the weight to be easy because of the large high-contrast LED LCD screen. You can also receive weights in g, oz, kg and lbs. Ozeri epicurean digital kitchen scale also only features two buttons. The button to change it to g/oz and on/tare button. The scale also turns off after 2 minutes of inactivity.

I really liked the design of this kitchen scale from Ozeri. I thought that it was simple to use. I also thought that the TARE button worked great. I placed a bowl on the platform than pressed the tare button. The scale went back to zero like it claims. The screen was also easy to read, and that was a plus for someone who uses eyeglasses. I didn't think the weighing of certain ingredients was that accurate. Some things were off by like .5 but the kitchen scale works great. I also like that it uses 4 AAA batteries, and you don't have to worry about using a screwdriver.

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