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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kiss everlasting french nails

I was suppose to receive this product complimentary through Influenster but someone took it out of my mail. 

Even though, someone took some of the items out of my mail I still want to talk about this product.

  • Flexi-Fit technology
  • Chip-free white tip
  • Easy application
  • No drying time

I know a lot of people like getting french tip manicure if that work in an office setting. The french tip is definitely the most professional look you can go for. Kiss everlasting french nails have the flexi-fit technology that is patented. This patented technology allows you to wear a french manicure with ultra comfort. You will also notice that these french tips are chip free. I know I hate seeing people who have a white tip that's starting to chip. When you wear kiss everlasting french nails you won't have to worry about the white tip chipping. This white tips lasts longer and also have great fit that you all will love.

Definitely, check out Kiss everlasting french nails if you're looking to save on a manicure.

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