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Friday, May 23, 2014

Review:Ozeri Brezza III Dual Oscillating 10" High Velocity Desk Fan

I received the product complimentary from Ozeri, and all opinions expressed here are my own.

  • Powered by new ultra-quiet, 4-speed, dual oscillating motors with automatic vertical and horizontal motion for maximum cooling effectiveness.
  • Extended-range remote control and fan controls easily engage automatic dual oscillation (up/down & left/right), horizontal oscillation (left/right), the 4-hour timer and all air speed settings.
  • Aerodynamically designed for an even lower dB noise rating than the trend-setting Brezza II, while providing air circulation at 4 different speeds.
  • Push button access to non-oscillating mode for precisely directed airflow.
  • Boasts a sophisticated and stylish space-saving design that complements and enhances room decor. Ships fully assembled. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
It's about that time where everyone will be looking for ways to keep cool. Everyone can't afford central air, so a high quality fan can help keep you cool. Ozeri has a new Breeza III dual oscillating 10" high velocity desk fan available now. It's pretty cool if you ask me. It has four different speeds for  to help keep you cool. This desk fan from Ozeri also runs on dual oscillating motors. This allows the fan to move in vertical and horizontal motion which has a better cooling effectiveness. You also have the ability to use a remote to operate the Ozeri Breeza III desk fan. This fan also features a timer which is unlike your traditional fan.

This fan is unlike any fan I've ever had in my household. It moves up and down to spread cool air into the air. This definitely helped cooled down my room when we didn't have the central air on. I also think this will help with cool off the room when the central air is on so I like that. I like the amazing design of this desk fan from Ozeri. This fan isn't a fan that will make a lot of noise which something a lot of people will appreciate.

Overall, you will really like this Ozeri Brezza III Dual Oscillating 10" High Velocity Desk fan because its powerful enough to keep you cool. You don't have to sit it on just your desk you can also put it on your table. You pretty much do what you like as along as its keeping you cool.

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