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Friday, December 7, 2012

Review of Bold as Love by Bob Robert, Jr.

Bold as Love: What Can Happen When We See People the Way God Does

Review of Bold as Love by  Bob Robert, Jr.

Bold as Love is about being bold and showing love for others no matter what. This book discusses how Christians have to use the word of the Lord to build relationships with people from other religions. Bold as Love also discussed how Christians  must be the first to forgive others. so they can begin to trust. If we are able to forgive then we can talk about each others religions while building relationships with each other. Bob Roberts, Jr. talked about how he went to other countries to  build relationships with people of other religions through multifaith events.

Bold as Love is a great book that lets you understand how multifaith relationships are developing. Bold as Love gave me many ideas about how Christians must start reaching out o individuals of other faiths to spread the word of Jesus. Christians can learn to trust people from  other faiths when they take interest in each other, and reveal things about doing  their religion to others. Christians  have to be bold and love others who don't have the same beliefs as them.

I would recommend Bold as Love by  Bob Robert, Jr to anyone who is interested in building multifaith relationships. Building relationships with people from other religions helps make you a  better person. I would recommend Bold as Love by  Bob Robert, Jr to anyone who wants to learn how to host multifaith events. Bold of Love is the book if you want to go on a missions, and  build relationships with other by spreading the word of the Lord.

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