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Monday, September 19, 2011

Target Visit:Sept 18,2011

Needed another paper so I decided I would knock some Target shopping out. Like why did I make the mistake of going to Target in the morning. They are so stupid, and don't even know the coupon policy. I had to report them because this not the first time I've had problems using coupons in the morning. That's why I only go in the evening where the cashiers aren't trying to act like your doing something wrong by using coupons. They didn't even know how to enter a coupon for a free product, and they wouldn't reduce my coupons down. I'm just going to save those for when I shop in the evening at Target. I'll continue to shop in the evening because it's hassle free, and I have two favorite cashiers during that time. Also, they were all over the guy who was ringing me up trying to check every coupon. It's sad that people like to single people out because their using coupons. They might as well get use to it because more people are using coupons.
I still got some good deals 2 bags of Starburst for $1 each, 2 Old El Paso taco seasoning packets for $0.20, 2 FREE Neutrogena facial bars, and 3 on the go packs of Kleenex for $0.14 cents. 
I've learned in couponing that what one store or cashier won't do another one will, so definitely don't let any minor setbacks discourage you from getting your savings. Plus, most think they know the coupon policy b/c they work at the store, but really don't. 

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