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Thursday, September 8, 2011

I want to join the MIO BzzCampaign #Imabzzagent

I'm suppose to do something cool but I don't know what. I can tell you that I'm always a person making up concoctions with water. I rarely drink soda, so water it the only thing I can make up something that's low in calories and taste good. I can tell you all that I'm a sugar addict for feel, so if there's no sugar I have to make quick drinks like MIO. I need something that tastes good, and doesn't need a lot sugar. 

I really want to do this MIO bzzcampaign because I want to challenge myself to kick my sugar habit. I also want to see what other drinks I can make using MIO.  I need to join this MIO BzzCampain because I feel it will be great from someone who is addicted to sugar like me, lol. I know this might sound crazy but I really am addicted to sugar. I'm talking the table sugar that's why I can't keep it in my house today, and MIO can help me out.

Please help me get in this MIO BzzCampaign because I really want to beat this sugar habit of mine.

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