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Monday, August 22, 2011

Shopping Trip for Aug 20, 2011[CVS, Jewel-Osco & Meijer]

Went to three CVS for me, my grandmother, and one of her clients. Also visited Meijer for the first time. Got 3 Airwick starter kits for $0.66 each at Meijer.

Paid $4.27 after back but the ECB brings it to $3.27. I also noticed that if the CVS body wash coupon was scanned you got overage if you brought something else.

I only paid $0.04 for the King Size Snickers because of the overage from the CVS bodywash coupon, plus the $0.25 off coupon for the King Size Snicker. Couldn't use the 25% off cause the snicker was on sale.

I ended up picking up the TGIF entree because of the coupon I saw at the store. I love the Jewel-Osco in Oak Forest cause they always have great coupons laying around. Also received a $1 off 5 Edy's SC Shakes, Smoothies or Edy's Snack Size cups catalina.


This was my first time shopping at Meijer and I really didn't like it. They don't double your coupons, also if you use a manufacture coupon with mPerks offer they reduce your coupon. Which means your really not getting the offer they advertised on their mPerks website. Let's see the Airwick offer said you get $2 off if you buy 3 Airwick items. The $2 off shouldn't be applied to one item then your coupon for that item reduce that's fraud. Which means I really only got $0.99 off from mPerks for that Airwicks offer not $2 off. I don't think I will be back to use mPerks because that takes away the purpose of using a manufacture coupon with a Meijer coupon.

Only brought one thing cause I couldn't think of anything else to buy.

Everything, I brought was under $20 dollars, and I still think mPerks is a scam only good thing is the $2 of2 or the $5 of 5 coupons they have.

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