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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Walmart Shopping Trip May 31, 2011

Went to Walmart to use my Philly Cooking Creme coupons because Target didn't have flavors I wanted. Also, it amazes me how much the cashiers don't even know the coupon policy. Also, they also fail to read the coupons correctly, and think they are right about everything when I know I'm right. I presented the cashier with both of my Philly cooking creme coupons one for a FREE item and the other for $1.50 off an item. The cashier tells me I have to buy another item. I'm like NO that's for a FREE item and once he read the coupon he felt salty cause I was right. Note to Walmart Cashiers: please take the time to actually READ the coupons, and stop assuming cause the coupon states FREE you have to buy something else. Seem like I always get that problem like one cashier told me I couldn't use coupons that have the Fawcett drive on it, um most coupons from newspapers have Fawcett drive on them. I missed out on some cheap bagels because of that. Oh well until next time continue to STAY TUNED to my BLOG.

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