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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Walgreens Shopping Trip:May 8, 2011

Went to Walgreens to use my $4 RR because it expired today. Didn't know what to really get since they claim you have to have as many items as coupons. Which really doesn't make any sense if the RR is suppose to be a coupon off your purchase. I hate a great trip didn't have to worry about the beeping since my subtotal was over the amount of coupons I had. The superstax mutligrain pringles were on clearance for $0.62, and the trash bags were on sale for $2.99. Clean & Clear body wash was on sale Buy 1 get 1 FREE, and I had a B1G1 coupons both were FREE. Total was only $0.23 cents & the high tax was $0.79 cents, but I'm grateful for being able to get all these things for so cheap.

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