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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Target Shopping Trip Store #1 Crestwood May 14, 2011

Okay now I went another Target to get the Nivea Body  Wash they didn't have the one I had a rain check on so I still have my raincheck to use later. Sweet. Also, the price of the Nivea Body Wash was reduced down to $2.43 which meant I would be getting $.57 cents overage for each coupon I used. I also used a $1 Target coupon to go a long with the Nivea MFR coupons. I had $2.71 in overage, so I used that to purchase the Pond's facial wipes. I had $5.50 in Ponds coupons, so that helped get the price down to $1.37 so I paid around $0.68 to $0.69 each depending on how you round. This is great because I would have never purchased these it I would of been able to use my overage to the rest of my transaction. So when I go shopping I look for deals that are going to give me the most overage possible. That's how you save more & get things you normally wouldn't purchase. Also the Lysol disinfecting wipes weren't $1.08 like a lot of people had been stating.They were $2.49 at both of the Targets in my area, so I'll be heading back to Walgreens to get them two for $0.59 cents.

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