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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Walmart Shopping Trip:March 31, 2011

This is a crazy trip cause I had to almost curse out the cashier because she thought she had scan all my 14 coupons & she didn't. I guess she was going to try & run off with my coupons to use them herself. I'm not stupid you haven't scanned all my coupons. She felt real stupid but not only was she messing up but she forget to scan two of my coupons so I was overcharged. I might go back today to get my money because I look at that as money I could use on another purchase or at another store. They have my coupons so I should get my money back.  Plus I have proof on my receipt that they weren't scanned so the coupons for the items I didn't want wasn't voided out so that's how I didn't catch this before I left the store. Better late than never. I guess. Check out what I got.
On my receipt it shows that I wanted to purchase the 2 packs of Stayfree with my B1G1 coupon and the  receipt also shows that I wanted to use $1 off coupon with the other coupon. One coupon for each item. Receipt shows the $2.86 taken off for one Stayfree the FREE item. the other coupon wouldn't scan right reason for VENDOR COUPON. so I was told I couldn't use that coupon. I didn't what the items if I couldn't use both I would use them else where & that's what I did. Cashier failed to void out the coupons along with the items. Cashier also failed to scan two of my coupons that Walmart has & will get the full amount for. Which is why I need to get a refund for the amount  I was overcharged. Cashier failed to scan the coupon for $3 off Gain Dryer sheets and the FREE product coupon for Purex Complete Crystals. I have a another coupon to show that I use that one for the Purex Complete Crystals. Receipt shows 12 coupons scanned and it should of been 14 if I would of gotten the stayfree & the two coupons that weren't scanned would of been included. That's how I got confused 12 were supposed to be scanned but two didn't include the correct amount.

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