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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Walmart Shopping Trip:April 19, 2011 paid only $0.60 cents

This was a very random shopping trip since at first I didn't know I was going to stop at Walmart until Fairplay didn't take my coupons for the Kool-Aid. I went to Walmart for a price match.

How did I only pay $0.60? First off I would only be paying $1.98 but my overage of $0.49 cents dropped my total down to $1.49. Another thing that happen was the the cashier scanned the Dean's Dip coupon twice which made my transaction FREE excluding tax. Tax was originally $0.65 cents but I had a credit of $0.05 cents. So I only paid tax which was $0.60 cents. I didn't feel bad because for the last time I was at Walmart they overcharged me like $3.00 and I look at it as me getting my money back. I personally knew I would any ways. I also had almost $18 dollars in coupons, so using coupons is definitely worth it. I couldn't imagine not using a coupon at Walmart today. I remember the days I use to spend a bunch of money at Walmart without coupons. Now I'm looking to save as much as possible.

Starting saving TODAY & use some coupons when you head to store.

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