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Friday, March 25, 2011

Walgreens Trip:March 20,2011 [Part 2]

So at Location #2 I found lots of Reach Crystal Clean T/B, wish I would of had more coupons. So since my last transaction had got mess up I was hoping to have some luck at this location. As you can see I did, got what I was locking for so I went home HAPPY.

I made $6 in RR so everything I brought was FREE plus I had $0.82. I wasn't sure about shopping at Walgreens because some of the Cashiers & Managers can be a pain in the ass. Lately, I've been enjoying shopping at Walgreens and getting a lot of things for FREE.

Check out my trip to Target that I took on Thursday. I found a lot of things on clearance. I was definitely wishing I had brought the coupons needed. I'll definitely be back.

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