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Monday, October 4, 2010


I won a Bubble Chocolate Giveaway so I decided to do a review on this
product. I received a Bubble Chocolate Sample kit that include
information on the product
as well as Dark and milk chocolate bars. Bubble Chocolate is different
from other chocolate because air bubbles are in this chocolate which
gives it a smoother
texture. The air is infused into the chocolate at the right
temperature and that is how the air bubbles get into the chocolate.
The dark chocolate is
only 200 calories while the milk chocolate is 220 calories.
Personally, I prefer the milk chocolate but when I'm looking to cut
some calories I would choose
the dark chocolate. Plus, the dark chocolate has less sugar than the
milk, and too much sugar is something that I'm trying to stay away

The best way to enjoy Bubble Chocolate is to take a small pieces and
let it melt on your tongue then towards end starting chewing. I guess
your suppose to
feel bubbles in your mouth or something. I didn't experience that but
it did melt in your mouth pretty fast. Overall, I enjoyed trying
Bubble Chocolate, and
wouldn't find trying it again in the future. You can purchase a single
bar of Bubble Chocolate for $2.49. Visit for
more information
on how to purchase this product.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review for Bubble Chocolate,
I'm just one of the lucky few who won a giveaway and decided to give
my opinion the this product.

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