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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Won the WAT-AAH GIVEAWAY from Three Boys and an old Lady

If you remember I made a post about this giveaway on Tuesday. Tuesday was actually the day this giveaway was ending so I had to hurry up, and enter. How did I find out about this giveaway. While I found out about this giveaway from Tight Wad in Utah this site list some giveaways that have low entries. I've entered many WAT-AAH GIVEAWAYS but now I finally won. That's why I believe that writing a post about the giveaway can be very beneficial in winning a giveaway.

Visit this blog to enter some of the current giveaways Three Boys and an Old Lady

I've enter many Brugo mug giveaways and I'm hoping to finally win one, so I'll just wait and see. List of giveaways I entered into today coming up later.

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