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Monday, November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday @ Cricket Wireless 50% Off Samsung Galaxy phones plus FREE Phones #cybermonday

Cyber Monday Deals - 50% Off Galaxy Phones (11/30 - 12/3)

Galaxy S4 $99.99
Galaxy S5 $199.99
Galaxy S6 $249.99

No contract cell phones from Cricket Wireless. Get a $100 gift card when you activate new service before December 6th. General Holiday Deals (11/3 - 1/7/16)

LG G Stylo (LTE) $99.99 after $50 MIB 
Samsung Grand Prime (LTE) $49.99 after $50 MIB
LG Risio (LTE) FREE after $50 MIB
HTC Desire 626 (LTE) $129.99
HTC Desire 520 (LTE) $79.99
Moto E (LTE) FREE after $50 MIB
ZTE Overture 2 (LTE) FREE after $40 MIB
Nokia 635 (LTE) FREE after $20 MIB
ZTE Sonata 2 (4G) FREE after $30 MIB

How to remove saved card from Aliexpress?[Solved here]

I know so many of you have made the mistake of saving your card info on aliexpress. Only to find out you have to sign up for something to get the coupon they offered you. You later discover that you
have to go on this crazy search just to find out how to remove the card. I've found the answer that I had to search around for. Really didn't understand why this was so hidden when regardless if its saved or not they still have your info.

First log in to alipay here

Then go back here

follow the instructions on how to remove your card

Remove your card and your done.

Something so simple shouldn't take a bunch of time for customers to find the answer.

If this helped please share it.

And don't ever save your card again if you have to go on a goose hunt just to remove it.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Book Review:Whitney Miller's New Southern Table #cookbook #bookreview #ad

"I received this book for free from booklookbloggers in exchange for a review.
All opinions expressed here are my own.

This cookbook features some southern dishes with a twist. These recipes are great an easy to make for your whole family. The author of this book is only 22 years old which is great for those are her age. This book will definitely give the college students some inspiration for making a new dish.This cookbook features a number of recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also find some good snacks and desserts to make from this cookbook. Some of the recipes that stood out to me are the peach crumb muffins, sweet potato cornbread, and the brownie cookies. These recipes feature ingredients I eat all the time. 

I would definitely recommend this cookbook to others because you can always get new inspiration. You can pull an idea from this book and make your own version of it. Cookbook are always good for someone who doesn't know how to cook. It's also fun collecting different cookbooks and pulling them out whenever you like. So definitely check out this cookbook because it could inspire you to potentially create your own. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Book Review:Best Hair Book Ever! By Editors of Faithgirlz! and Girls' Life Mag #ad #bookreviews

"I received this book for free through booklookbloggers in exchange for a review.
All opinions expressed here are my own."

This is a book for not just young girls but for everyone. No matter your age you can definitely get some inspiration for your next hairstyle. This book includes hairstyles for all hair types. This is great because girls who are African American really can't find a book that features natural hair. You can find a number of hair tips that will be valuable for any girl. Young girls can also get ideas for the latest clothing because the credits are in the back of the book. These styles will definitely help boost girls confidence because they will look great. These styles also include a product list that will help you if you don't have the products already. 

 I really liked this book because it included styles for girls who are African American. So many black girls are being taught to love their natural hair. This book will definitely give them some type of guidance on how to style this hair. Not only does this book includes natural hair styles but some of the other styles can also be done on black girls hair. I would definitely recommend this book to others because black girls need more books that show them how to style their own hair.I would also recommend this book because its really positive to have around the house for young girls. 

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Join Lego VIP Program #ad

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