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Friday, January 30, 2015

Review:Morning Pep Xylitol Sweetner+Giveaway 3/2 #morningpepxylitol #giveaway

100% Natural USA Birch Xylitol
All natural sugar free sweetener 
Tastes like sugar 
No aftertaste
40% less calories than table sugar
75% less carbohydrates than table sugar
Alternative for diabetics
Helps prevent tooth decay
Kosher and free of GMO, Corn, Wheat, Gluten, Soy & Dairy
Low Glycemic Index
Only downsize using too much can cause diarrhea 

If you're trying to avoid table sugar than xylitol might be the sweetener for you. Xylitol is made from birch and this product from morning pep is natural. Xylitol tastes like sugar and it also has no aftertaste like other sweeteners.  Xylitol is great for your health because it has 40% less calories than table sugar. Xylitol might be the best option for you in your on a low carb diet because it has 75% less carbs than table sugar. If you're a diabetic you should consider switching to xylitol because it has low glycemic index. Dentist have also been known to recommend products to their patients that include xylitol. Xylitol can be used to prevent risk of tooth decay. Morning Pep xylitol is also kosher and its free of gmo, corn, wheat, gluten, soy, and dairy. Xylitol has only one major downsize and that would be that if used in large amounts it can cause diarrhea. So if you want to use xylitol use it in small amounts. Things like a couple of coffee or tea work great. Anything that is single serve would be the best option when using xylitol.

I tried xylitol and I thought it was sweet like regular sugar. I tried it in kool-aid and this is where I learned it can cause diarrhea. My nephew drank all the kool-aid I made and later noticed his stomach was hurting. He had drank too much of this drink that had xylitol used in a large amount. It was sweet but I wouldn't recommend using xylitol in something that would be for more than one person. Other than that problem I really think xylitol is great and does its job. I like that it has less calories and carbs because those are some of the things I'm trying to avoid. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try something different. You will be amazed at how well it will sweeten anything your drinking. Give it a try and remember the main thing I told you about when you do.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Review:Dr.Song 20% Salicylic Acid Gel Peel #drsong

15-20 facial peels
Pharmaceutical Grade Salicylic Acid
Helps with Acne, Acne Scars, wrinkles,
large pores and blackheads
Great for oily skin
Salicylic Acid can be used several times a week due to it being oil soluble
Exfoliates and improves the appearance of aging skin
Can be used in combination with other peels to increase results

If you suffer from skin problems involving acne you can definitely benefit from a salicylic acid peel. Salicylic acid peels are great for people with oily skin. Most people who suffer from acne have oily skin. They also may have large pores and blackheads. A salicylic acid peel can also help with large pores and blackheads with continuous usage. You can also get help with acne scars and wrinkles if you do a salicylic acid gel peel. This product from Dr. Song includes 20% salicylic acid. You will also be able to do 15-20 facial peels. Salicylic acid peels are great because you can do one several times a week because its oil soluble. You will also be able to use this salicylic acid peel with other peels like lactic and glycolic  acid.

I've tried at home facial peels before and I thought they went pretty well. The previous facial peel didn't really irritate my skin. It was really simple to apply this facial peel because all I had to do was leave it on for 10 minutes. I used witch hazel to neutralize the facial peel and I also used my vitamin C facial toner to help with the burning. It only takes a couple of minutes for the burning sensation to go away. I noticed a little peeling but that's expected with a facial peel so I make sure I use enough moisturizer. I will continue to use this salicylic acid peel because I want to see if my large pores get minimized or my blackheads go away. I would definitely recommend this salicylic acid peel because you can use it more often than other peels. I would also recommend this facial peel because it's great for people with oily skin and those who suffer from acne. You will see a major difference in your skin if you start using a Salicylic acid peel.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Review:Sari Foods Nutritional Yeast Superfood #nutritionalyeast

100% Natural-Non-Fortified
50% Protein-20% fiber
18 amino acids-15 minerals 
2 TBS around 60 calories
Low sodium and salt substitute
Free of Gluten-Dairy
Fights aging and radicals:promotes cellular repair and regeneration
Helps increase B vitamin levels

Never really knew about nutritional yeast but it seemed interesting so I was down to try it. Nutritional Yeast has a number of benefits for your overall health. Sari Foods nutritional yeast is 100% natural and non-fortified. This nutritional yeast has 50% protein and 20% fiber per serving. So each 2 TBS of nutritional yeast has around 60 calories plus a large amount of protein and fiber. Nutritional yeast also has 18 amino acids plus 15 different minerals. This product is low sodium so you can also use it as a salt substitute. Sari foods nutritional yeast is free of gluten and dairy. It's also great for vegans and is non synthetic. Nutritional yeast promotes cellular repair and regeneration. Nutritional yeast also helps increase B vitamin levels. So if you're low in vitamin B add nutritional yeast to your diet.

Like I said before I thought it would be interesting to try nutritional yeast. Reading the packaging I learned that it has a lot great benefits. One of my favorite benefits of using nutritional yeast would be helping your B vitamin levels increase. This is great for times when I just feel drained and need more energy. I also liked that it helps fight aging because I'm definitely trying to start that early. This nutritional yeast has a nutty taste to me. It doesn't really taste like cheese but it definitely has the nutty taste. I like that I could sprinkle it on my food and not worry about actually tasting it. When you add nutritional yeast to your food it blends in really well. Nutritional yeast is also great because it has a great amount of fiber and protein. Those are two things I really need in my diet to keep my blood sugar low, so I like nutritional yeast. I would definitely recommend nutritional yeast to others because it low in calories, and has a lot of health benefits. 

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Review:bobuCuisine Grinder Set #bocuCuisineGrinderSet

Black and white color scheme
Adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism allows you to control the size
Keeps salt and pepper fresh with covered lid cap
Easy to clean with a wet cloth(avoid dishwashers and excessive water)
Includes original recipes to use grinder set

If you love fresh salt and pepper than having a grinder can help you. This includes a black and white scheme for your salt and pepper. There is an adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism that allows you to control the size. This grinder set also includes covered lid caps that help keep your salt and pepper fresh. This grinder set is also easy for you clean. All you have to do is use a wet cloth to clean it out. Make sure you don't put it in the dishwasher or in dish water. When you purchase this grinder set you will recipe a card to receive some original recipes.

I love this grinder set because it's so nice looking. I also like it because I've always wanted to be able to grind my own salt and pepper. This grinder set is super easy to use and my family really loves using it. I like that you control the size of the salt or pepper due to the way the grinder is made. I would definitely recommend this grinder set. Everyone should definitely experience grinding their own fresh salt and pepper.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Review:The Daniel Cure By Susan Gregory and Richard J. Bloomer #bookreviews

Received this book complimentary from booklookbloggers in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed here are my own. 

This book is about the Daniel fast which consists of a 21 day fast. The Daniel cure involves focusing on pray and eating a healthy diet. This book includes a number of devotional things that will help get you through the fast. This book also includes a lot of informational stuff that really tells you about The Daniel fast. This book has tips that will really change your life. This book give you information on how the Daniel cure can protect your body from certain disease. The authors of this book wrote this book very well. Compared to other books about the Daniel cure you will find this book to have the most useful information. This book also features over 75 recipes to help you get through this 21 day fast. You will learn how to prepare meals for this fast before you even start it.

I really like this book because of all the information it gives. I think that it really explained a lot of stuff in detailed. It really lets you know how the Daniel fast can change your life. You will definitely be able to lose weight with this book. There's no way you wouldn't be able to be successful on the Daniel fast if you follow this book. This book really makes very thing super easy for you to follow. I would definitely recommend this book because the recipes are great and easy to make You will also love all the shake recipes in this book. Purchase it on Amazon today. The kindle version is only $3.79 so pick it up today and get started. 

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Review:Epica Folding Step Stool #stepstool12

Adds 9' reach to vertical
9 x 11 platform with anti-slip surface
Folds flat for easy storage, unfolds with one hand
holds up to 350 pounds
Great for kids

If you're not that tall you know the struggles of not being able to reach something. If you have kids who are too short to reach the faucet you know the struggles. Epica folding step stool puts all of those struggles behind you. This step stool adds 9" vertical reach so you will be able to reach things you hand to get a big chair for.This step stool is great because it can be easily folded flat for you to store it away. It also unfolds with one hand so it saves you time when needed. Epica folding step stool also holds up to 350 pounds so anyone in your household can use it. Plus, kids will love it because of the cute design, and it easy for them to unfold.

I love this step stool because it easy to unfold. I like that I can store it in a tight space like between my refrigerator. I also like that it's easy for my nephew to unfold. He's only 4 and doesn't need to get a big chair to reach the faucet now. Love that people who are of larger size can also use this product because some may wonder if a step stool can hold their weight. This step stool can and it also has a anti-slip surface so you don't have to worry about slipping. I would definitely recommend this step stool to others because its reliable and priced at a great price. You can definitely get more than one for your household.

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Review:FoxBrim Seaweed Complex Lotion [Natural & Organic] #foxbrim

Phytochemicals-prevents premature aging
Polysaccharides- essential for skin repair and renewal
Blue Green Algae-reduces skin inflammation while boosting antioxidants and defends against free radicals
Hyaluronic Acid-Natural moisturizer for plump and smooth skin

This seaweed complex lotion was developed for men. This product has a strong scent that most men would like. If you're looking for a skin care product for the man in your life this one might be great. This might also take the place of cologne because the scent is so powerful. This product can be used on the face and features phytochemicals. Phytochemicals help prevent premature aging. Men also need to be able to prevent aging, so this a product for them. The guy in your life will have moisturized skin from hyaluronic acid. A unisex version of this product is in the works so look for that coming soon from Foxbrim.

This has a strong scent made for a man so I really couldn't bare it. It does moisturizer your skin well. The scent lingers so if you're looking for something for the guy in your life this would be great. He could use it as a body lotion. If you like something that has a scent that lingers than try it yourself. I really don't like things with strong masculine scents. This was made for men but they will have unisex formula soon. It definitely keeps your skin moisturized so give it to your man and I'm sure he will love it. 

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